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  • SW M107 A1 AEG DE Price 12000b.

    Snow Wolf M107 AEG (Dark Earth)
    1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle
    Fully & Semi Automatic Shooting Mode
    Full Metal Constructed Receiver & Stock With Rubber Pad
    810mm Metal Outer Barrel
    650mm Inner Barrel
    Adjustable Scale Rear Sight
    Full metal Housing Magazine accommodate 300 Rounds of 6mm Plastic Bullet (M4 Style)
    Full Length Top Rail
    Include Reinforced Carrying Handle and Steel Reinforced Bipod
  • SW M 24 UP GRADE

    SNOW WOLF M24 Military Ver. with Scope & Bipod (SW-04J / Hunting Camouflage)
    -- Hunting Camouflage Color Polymer Stock
    -- Metal Barrel & Trigger Assembly
    -- Bolt Action Air Cocking
    -- APS II compatible internal mechanism
    -- 20 Rounds Semi-Transparent Magazine
    -- Come With Adjustable Spring Return Bipod (Leg extended by pulling the leg from 200mm (8") to 310mm (12")
    -- 3-9 Magnification Sniper Rifle Scope (Crosshair Reticle) With Mount Ring
    -- Muzzle Power ~500FPS Velocity
    -- Top Rail ready for rifle scope / optic